Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Windows has notified you that a Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is available for your device. This crucial update takes many hours and several reboots to complete.

Uninstalling HP Drive Encryption

First remove the program on called “HP Drive Encryption”.  First go to Control Panel > Program > Uninstall a program *make sure you are on Category View.

Control Panel

Please Note: HP Client Security often comes in combination with HP Drive encryption software. If the disk is currently encrypted by this software first open HP Client Security, click on Drive Security and follow the on-screen instructions to DECRYPT the Hard Drive (HDD).  DO THIS ONLY IF YOU HAD ENCRYPTED YOUR LAPTOP EARLIER.

  • Right-click on HP Drive Encryption and Uninstall
  • Click “next” to remove the program
  • After HP Drive Encryption has been removed, restart the computer

Uninstall Encryption

Please Note: The instruction above applies to the Wingate owned HP ProBook Laptops and HP ProDesks only.

After the Reboot

  • Click on the Windows Flag (“Start Button”) in the lower left Start Button
  • The click on the Settings “Gear” Icon Settings
  • Then Choose Windows and Security Update
  • Make Sure that Windows Updates is selected
  • Click on Check for Updates: The Windows Updates should start

The Windows 10 Fall Creator Update could take up to eight hours to complete. 

You will restart several times and continue to check for updates until there are no more available.