Malicious Spam Alert — 4/24/2018

A recent spam message went out earlier today.  It appears that in the vast majority of cases it was caught by the spam filters, but there were a few that made their way into people’s InBoxes.  If you are one of those unlucky few, DO NOT click on the link.  If you have, change your password, run a virus scan and keep a check on any unusual activity.  Below is the text of the message with the offending links disabled:

Dear All,
Spectrum  has informed that; all have to update their email account because of the recent maintenance that caused interruption of services, your mail account will be deactivated if you do not update it now as required.

To Update, Go to: IT Admin

ITS Officer
Wingate University
Please note that there were a few tell-tale signs that marked this out as malicious spam. First is that that notice did not come from a address. Second, the faux alert is extremely vague. Finally, whenever members of Wingate IT send out a message, they include something that identifies them.