Scam Alert: Tax Notification — 6/16/2017

IT has received a report of a message going around indicating that recipient is suspected of having violated a tax law and is directed to provide additional information using an attached file. IT has no information about what the attached file will do, but in any event  do not click on the link.  Send the message to your spambox.  For reference purposes, the text of the message is below.


Subject: Tax Notification

U.S. Tax Court ext#5693854

We inform you that you were suspected in violating of the Federal law under “Title 26 USC § 7201 – Attempt to evade or defeat tax”.

Related hearing will be held on 06/17 at 2:30PM in courtroom 6B. Case number is 228-157646.

In case you or your representative are not able to attend to the court on the mentioned day, please inform us by sending a respond to this email with the reason for abscence. You have to respond not later than 10 workdays before the day of hearing.

List of documents to provide and additional information can be found in an attached file.

Get Tax Notification

Molly Payne,
Chief Secretary Prosecutor,
405 Second Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20217